How to Buy

Getting a Quote
SolarVu® is normally specified as a balance of system component that is purchased and installed by the project developer as part of a complete solar PV system. It can however be purchased directly for existing systems either by an installer or site owner. Although a SolarVu® energy portal is based on standard templates, each system has different equipment and internet connection requirements. Consequently, a final quotation starts with completing a configuration form to determine the necessary site hardware, desired customer options and screen layouts.

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Initial Capital Cost
SolarVu® for a simple 10kW system with 2 inverters will start at $1,295 for standard features. Additional optional enhancements like larger or multiple inverters, 3G cellular connection, SmartStrings™ etc will be quoted at added cost. For a simple system the configuration can be completed in a few minutes while larger systems may require additional details like combiner string layout assignment or corporate LAN settings. Each site is programmed to match the specified inverters, combiners and network so it begins to function as soon as it is installed. This minimizes site commissioning time. Creating a custom banner with customer logo, uploading slideshow pictures and portal settings is included. Technical support is available to installers to assist them in getting the site operational and making any necessary changes.

SolarVu Enclosure

Ongoing Monitoring
Private distributed generation solar PV power production is a unique business where all energy produced is sold to a utility, usually under a FIT contract, so individual IPPs do not compete with each other. It is also a new industry facing many technical and operational challenges. Site owners and developers can learn from each other if information is available. To encourage sharing of knowledge and enable visibility of similar systems under different conditions, Cachelan provides basic monitoring of systems that are publically viewable on the internet at no charge. Fees do apply to owners that have a SMART Enterprise account to manage multiple sites, for sites using password protection to restrict access and for some advanced options.

Installers and Project Developers
When SolarVu® is purchased and installed on behalf of the end customer as part of a total system, the dealer/project developer logo with a link to their website will be added at the bottom of each SolarVu® screen. They will also receive a free SMART Enterprise account with each new SolarVu® site added to enable them to monitor their installed systems, answer customer questions and provide quality maintenance support.

SolarVu Customers