Dashboard for output
Separate meters are provided showing power from solar generation, grid import/export and used by loads. On sunny days when generation exceeds usage, the GRID meter will be green to indicate power is being exported to the grid for a credit.

NRGpilot - Site Dashboard

Track live power flow
To get a better understanding of sustainability, watch how solar generation and power use interact to make a smaller carbon footprint. When the green gage is at 100% the grid meter is "spinning backwards" and the system is earning power credits.

NRGpilot - Site Power Flow
NRGpilot - Site Generation Status

Generation status
See how close to full capacity the solar panels are producing now. Check progress of green energy production throughout the day . Get a snapshot of the how green the system has been for the last month.

Weather Conditions
Compare generation to actual weather conditions. Click the link for a long range forecast for this location.

NRGpilot - Site Weather Conditions

Show site
Create a slideshow of photos and graphics using WebFilm for public display or access from a mobile device. Net metered distributed generation is a major trend for addressing climate change which is receiving considerable interest.

NRGpilot - Site Page