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There are three main ways for you to invite visitors to view your album. Choose the option that works best.

1. Email

From the "Album - List" screen select Edit > Email Tab. Compose an email to invite visitors to your new album. For multiple visitors, separate their email addresses with a comma on the 'To' line. Add a personal message. The necessary link information is shown below your message and is automatically appended to the email. Click the Send email button, review the message in the popup box, then click OK to send the email. Your visitors can access the new album from their browser as soon as they receive the email by clicking the automatically added link in the email.

2. Website Link

To post an album link from a website include the URL as a link. For an album named "My First Album" the link would be:

Remove all spaces and capital letters in the album name and insert it into the address to get your album URL. Take this URL to your WebMaster or Administrator and ask him/her to insert it into your site as a link. Users who click on your link will then be taken directly to your Album.

3. Cachelan Login
Give your visitors the name of your Album.
Tell them to go to
Select 'Visitor Album' from the pulldown menu
Enter the Album name and optional Password if enabled.

4. Visitor Cards:
This option allows you to create cards that you can print and give to your visitors to promote your product. Select "Album" from the main menu and then click "Edit" next to the album that you wish to make the visitor cards for. Select the visitor card tab. Create a title and short message for your cards. You can use one of the existing pictures in your gallery as a logo for your card. Cachelan will size the picture to fit the card appropriately. Click "Save" then "Create Cards". A PDF file will be created displaying six cards. Print this page and cut the cards out using the cut lines as guides. Keep your printed cards in your wallet and hand them out to people when the opportunity arises. This is a very professional way for you to promote your album to visitors.

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