Yacil Corporation owns and operates Cachelan WebFilm, a service for hosting online images and related services, hereafter referred to as Cachelan. By logging in and using Cachelan you accept the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

A "User" is anyone who logs in to Cachelan either as a webcard owner, visitor or account holder.
"Yacil Corporation" is a company incorporated under the laws of Ontario Canada.
"Cachelan" is a service owned and operated by Yacil Corporation to enable Users to upload, store, view, send, download and manage digital images and content on the internet. Cachelan is a trademark of Yacil Corporation.
An "Account" is the confidential PIN or account number used to access Cachelan and the rights to storage and service granted after login.
In this document rights and obligations of Cachelan are also attributable to Yacil Corporation.


Not to upload content which:

infringes the proprietary rights of others including copyright, patent, trademark
is pornographic, sexually explicit or obscene
is unlawful, libelous, harassing
is an invasion of others privacy
is offensive including racial, ethnic, hateful or profane material
provides instructions or encourages illegal activities


Not to use Cachelan for sending unsolicited electronic mail messages to other recipients.
Not to impersonate any person or entity.
Not to upload content which contains software or viruses designed to interfere with the normal operation of services and equipment.
Not to access another User Account without explicit permission


User warrants that they own or have the right to use any content posted to Cachelan.
User assumes full responsibility for content uploaded and distributed through their Cachelan Account and will indemnify Cachelan for all claims resulting from supplied content.
User acknowledges that content posted on the internet can be copied and distributed which Cachelan has no control over and assumes no liability.
User agrees that Cachelan may disclose personal information if required to do so by law.

Cachelan stores personal information provided by the User for order processing and account management. Cachelan does not divulge User information to third parties. Logfiles are monitored for security purposes and usage patterns. Cookies are stored on a User's computer for the purpose of maintaining preferences and settings. Upon expiry of an account, User content will be deleted within 14 days. If a User deletes an image it is removed immediately. User accounts are protected by a unique PIN or username and password. Images are not shared between accounts.

Cachelan does not actively monitor content on its site and assumes no responsibility for content posted by Users. Images and content stored with Cachelan are for sharing purposes only and not intended for archival use. Cachelan is offered on a best efforts basis. Users should ensure they keep a copy of all originals. Cachelan is not liable for any loss incurred due to deleted content or unavailable service. Under no circumstances will the liability of Cachelan exceed the purchase price of Cachelan WebFilm by the User including without limitation damages incurred by the User or third parties due to reliance on Cachelan services. Industry standard techniques are used to ensure the integrity and security of Cachelan services however complete security cannot be guaranteed and Users posting content do so at their own risk. Cachelan makes no representations or warranties of fitness for any specific purpose, availability or security of service. Users access the services of Cachelan entirely at their own risk.

An Account grants a limited license to make use of Cachelan services. Downloading or reproduction of any part of the Cachelan site is prohibited. Software used to deliver Cachelan services and images on the site are the property of Yacil Corporation and are protected by international copyright laws.

Cachelan may at any time discontinue service and delete content if it determines at its sole discretion that the Terms and Conditions of this agreement are not being adhered to. Cachelan may make changes to its services at any time including discontinuing certain features.