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Cachelan WebFilm™ is an online Content Management System (CMS) for making multimedia presentations and digital content available on the internet. Create full screen multimedia slideshows with password protection for privacy. Reach your audience with netPresentations and handouts that are web accessable.


> Multiple Templates
> Full screen slideshows
> Upload any file type
> Download for printing
> Website links in captions
> Receive email feedback
> Presentation controls
> Monitor visits, downloads
> Large file transfers
> PIN login, no registration
> Assign web address
> Browser access
> No software required
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Free WebFilm Lite

Increase sales with virtualTours and eCatalogs. Transfer large files for sharing and download instead of using CDs and memory keys. Share WebFilm™ for team project collaboration. No programming is required.


WebFilm™ is accessed from any standard browser. Enter the PIN from a webcard. Upload images and files then be online in minutes. For personal or professional applications.

Use WebFilm for online albums, net Presentations
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Virtual Tours
Interactive Design
Dynamic Portfolios
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Use sources like a digital camera, camera phone, scanner or computer software to create digital files in popular file formats.

Enter a webcard PIN and upload files. Add captions, web links, arrange using templates, specify access and display settings.


Send emails with web link, launch a virtual tour from a website, include the web address in an ad. Visitors use their browser to access your application sized to fit their screen.

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