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Boost solar site returns

Cachelan brings over a decade of experience monitoring thousands of solar projects.

Maximize revenue, reduce costs: be notified of site issues in real time, minimize site visits by accurately diagnosing with our SurePoint analyzer tool, manage your portfolio of sites, track payments and performance.

SolarVu Monitoring

SolarVu solar monitoring helps site owners and asset managers maximally optimize returns on their solar assets. Monitoring equipment is customized to fit your site and portfolio needs.

  • Portfolios of residential systems that need management
  • Commercial systems of any size, whether 100KWp or 500 KWp
  • Utility scale, MW sized systems specifically designed and customized to meet your location and utility requirements

SurePoint Analyzer Subscription

Enterprise ready O&M tools to manage your portfolio of Solar Sites. Use SurePoint analyzer tools for problem diagnosis, and sign up the right stakeholders for real time alerts. SurePoint brings an Enterprise view for asset managers so performance can be tracked and shared.

SCADA, to specifications

Cachelan does custom SCADA setups to meet utility grid connect requirements. This include Distributed Generation Monitor and Control requirements as set by IPPs. Regardless of what your local distribution company requires, we can ensure your system includes the appropriate monitoring and shutdown/restart commands to your specifications.

SmartGrid NRGPilot

Building off of and utilizing the infrastructure from SolarVu, NRGPilot allows for customers to monitor and control any kind of smart grid equipment, including but not limited to EV chargers, building or asset energy loads, energy storage systems or microgrid setups. Contact us to set up your project, whether a pilot or a broader rollout.

View live sites

Explore working SolarVu and NRGPilot portals to see our solution in action!

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