Site Interconnections, meeting your LDC SCADA requirements

Cachelan does custom SCADA setups to meet utility grid connect requirements. This includes Distributed Generation Monitor and Control requirements by IPPs and LDCs. Regardless of what your local distribution company requires, we can ensure your system includes the appropriate monitoring and shutdown/restart commands to your specifications.

How our process works for a project

  1. Provide information to us & our team on the site type, information, location, and requirements
  2. Cachelan provides a quote and single line solution based on information required.
    — Where relevant, we work with the client and utility to define scope and requirements when pieces are new
  3. Customer provides downpayment to receive a timeframe, dependent on equipment being ordered and supply chain lead times.
  4. Cachelan pre-programs and installs devices in enclosures for shipping to site.
  5. Enclosure is remotely commissioned between Cachelan and the customer, and utility where applicable.

Types of Sites / Examples of Integrations we have done before

  • SEL Programming and set up based on site and utility requirements
  • Integration of production forecasting data to be provided to utility included site derates and scheduled downtime/maintenance
  • Agency reporting for site production to be provided to relevant authority for billing, and credit purposes

Utility Scale SCADAs

Utility Scale interconnections can have many requirements and needs that roll into a possible project. You bring us your needs and wants list, and we will design and price out those details for your team to make a decision.

  • Specialized weather station requirements (ex. Class-A pyranometers, humidity, wind, high-frequency local logging, etc)
  • Transformer integrations
  • Weather forecasting via satellite data sources
  • BESS Integrations
  • Node based network setup with fiber or other methods to ensure appropriate cable lengths
  • Tracker Integrations
  • MicroGrid Systems and read-ins with diesel or other generators
  • Security Systems
  • Other requirements or inquiries - contact our team

LDC SCADA control for interconnections

As more distributed generation is added to the grid, LDCs (local distribution companies) are increasingly including remote DG M&C (distributed generation monitor and control) requirements to IPPs as a condition for connection in the CIA (connection impact assessment). As renewables become a larger portion of total supply, LDCs need to be able to remotely monitor DG sites and issue shutdown/restart commands from their SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems.

Diagram of Typical SolarVu® LDC SCADA interface to DG system
Examples of who we have interconnected with

This requires additional site equipment that can interface to utility protocols DNP3 and IEC61850 using different communication media such as fiber, WIMAX, proprietary radio and cellular as specified by the LDC. Cachelan can design, program and commission this additional equipment to meet each LDC DG M&C requirements necessary for successful grid connection permission.

Many LDCs require a connection to their SCADA system as a condition in the CIA FIT contract. Each utility has different specifications ranging from simple metering to remote shutdown. Newer inverters include remote control capability for power factor correction and power output level control. A SCADA interface can be supplied by Cachelan to meet all requirements leading to successful grid connection either as standalone equipment or included with an NRGpilot portal.