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Individual solar sites: SolarVu® is a balance-of-system component purchased and installed by project developers as part of a complete solar PV system. It can also be purchased directly for existing systems by installers or site owners. While a SolarVu® energy portal is based on standard templates, each system has different equipment and internet connection requirements.

Portfolio Solutions: Digitizing, consolidating and platforming a diverse set of energy assets into SolarVu Portals in an Enterprise account starts with providing us portfolio details. Whether as new sites, in addition to OEM monitoring, retrofits of 3rd party systems, or hardwareless API-based consolidation; the more details you are able to provide along with your goals and current problems - the better we are able to respond.

LDC SCADA, SmartGrid Controls and Other Inquiries: Utilization of Cachelan’s SmartGrid control solutions, LDC SCADA set ups and other digitization connection requests require involvement from our technical team. We request you provide as much information as possible so that we can assist you promptly. We will follow up with additional questions based on each case.

Final quotation begins with providing information including site size (in AC), inverter and equipment models, network connectivity selection and ideally site SLDs. Quotes are based on necessary site hardware, desired customer options, and requirements. If you prefer to have an upfront call to describe your site's specifics and/or to get more information about SolarVu and other Cachelan products, please contact us. Requests for Cachelan to complete NDAs where required start with getting in touch.