SolarVu Enterprise - Portfolio Management by Cachelan

Manage your portfolio of solar and energy assets more efficiently by having a stanrdized and consolidated software and data layer across for easy sharing and consumption across different internal and external stakeholders. SolarVu Enterprise extends all the power of SolarVu portals for O&M and diagnostics but allows for easier prioritization and data sharing so your power users do not need to be constantly switching between different platforms to get inconsistent and varied data.

Enterprise features are available for all SolarVu portals, and are made on a per-account basis so each stakeholder can have the attached sites that they care most about.

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Consolidate your portfolio of sites into one view

Bring together in a standardized view, all site types, across inverter brands and 3rd party platforms, for standardized consumption and usage for stakeholders.

We work with you on your existing set up to pencil in the easiest and most cost effective way of getting consistent and easy visibility for your workflow.

Enterprise - One Place for All your Solar and Energy System Stakeholders

Whether for daily prioritization of dispatches, evaluation of actions on your assets, or for easiliy providing others the summarized and site by site data they need easily.

Rapidly View what you need

Utilize the standardized Enterprise view across your assets for

Enterprise for O&M

Owners of a portfolio of sites which have SurePoint can view equipment status and site performance of all their portals in a single place. Compare output power, energy generated, revenues and alarm status. Print detailed reports or download data for any time period. Large portfolios can be organized according to your needs into subgroups like comparing similar locations, accounts or equipment types.

Additional Features

As a part of helping our customers and the evolving needs that comes with growing their organizations and portfolios that are managed, we are always looking to add additional value-add features. Many times what customers need is already included or can be accomodated to be integrated as a part of your organization or division's workflow!

Ticketing & Built in CMS System

More accurately track site performance by connecting sensors measuring irradiance, panel and ambient temperature. Daily insolation, energy and peak irradiance can allow for additional alerting in the event that equipment underperforms.

Custom and automatic reports

Have a specific report or workflow that you use as a part of a business process, a requirement for an internal or external stakeholder, or some other frequently used report format? Let us know what kind of excel/data format in both fields and data you use and we can automate this process so you get the numbers crunched, straight to your inbox.

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