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Send the unique album web address to visitors so they can view your album from their browser in the format you select. There are several ways to invite visitors to suit different needs.

Email - Send out a personal message with a link.
Visitor cards - For handing out at events and tradeshows, generate visitor cards using WebFilm and print them on standard paper from a computer printer.
Print - Include an album access link in a classified to increase selling effectiveness of a inexpensive ad.
Website link - Small business owners can add dynamic content to their static storefront website themselves by creating a link to an album and uploading pictures and text of their latest projects or items for sale. If no website is available, WebFilm can be used to create a homepage with a banner, links, photos, text and downloadable content.
Verbal - Simple web address names in the format myalbum.cachelan.com make it easy to give out the access link verbally over the phone or for an audience to get a copy of a presentation after a meeting.

Visitors are not required to provide any identification. Select the best method for reaching visitors.

Reach a wide audience with advertisements and website links or a targeted one by using email or handout cards.

Invite visitors by email, a printed card, a website link or ad/brochure reference.

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