Over a decade of Solar and Energy Software Solutions

Thousands of solar PV generation sites with SolarVuĀ® energy portals have been installed to monitor solar asset performance displaying power, energy, revenue, status and trends on your PC or mobile device. SolarVuĀ® can be used on systems of any size with equipment from most inverter vendors and manufacturers. Site managers receive daily output reports and fault alarms by email.

Tools included in SolarVu with SurePoint include diagnostics and portfolio management tools.

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Configure to Order

Each renewable energy monitoring system is custom built for its owner, with each being configured to match the selected equipment and site requirements.

Most of our systems are grid tied solar PV ranging from small residential to commercial roofs or ground mounted farms.

However, we have supplied SolarVu for off grid PV, solar thermal systems and wind.

SolarVu with SurePoint Analytics & Performance Software

Diagnose system issues and identify underperforming inverters or strings. SurePoint brings enterprise ready O&M tools to manage your portfolio of solar sites.

Get real-time email alerts

Make sure the right stakeholders receive emails as soon as there is a detected issue at one of your sites that requires attention. Sign up as many stakeholders as you need, so those who need to be responsible, accountable, and aware of the situation can be informed.

Use SurePoint tools to diagnose the cause of the issue to ensure the right replacement parts are ready and you minimize the number of site visits.

SurePoint Analyzer - Identify root cause

Use SurePoint analyzer tools for problem diagnosis, and sign up the right stakeholders for real time alerts. On large sites with multiple inverters and strings, your first indication of a problem may be one of our email fault alarms.

Cachelan Enterprise - Manage many sites

Owners of a portfolio of sites with us can view equipment status and site performance of all their portals in a single place. Compare output power, energy generated, revenues and alarm status. Print detailed reports or download data for any time period. Large portfolios can be organized according to your needs into subgroups like comparing similar locations, accounts or equipment types.

Optional Features

Most of our customers enjoy taking advantage of optional equipment in their monitoring configuration. Each optional feature allows for better diagnosis and analysis, and offers additional value over a regular SolarVu installation. Equipment support is included with your SurePoint subscription.

WeatherTrak - Measure and compare site conditions

More accurately track site performance by connecting sensors measuring irradiance, panel and ambient temperature. Daily insolation, energy and peak irradiance can allow for additional alerting in the event that equipment underperforms.

PayCheck - Revenue grade meter for accurate billing

Use a revenue grade meter to reconcile the bill received from your utility or off taker versus actual energy produced. Connecting revenue grade meters allow for revenue level discrepancies to be identified before the payout date.

SnoCam - Visual site monitoring

Visual site monitoring can be useful to get a real view into site conditions by viewing weather conditions, but also in identifying snow-coverage as an issue impacting performance, to visually identifying faulty trackers. Customers also use SnoCam for insurance purposes.

LobbyVu - Display your portal's Overview on a TV to show off!

For Multi-Unit Residential, Schools, C&I or other users who have systems installed on their building's rooftops who want to display the impact and real time operations of their solar, LobbyVu is a small plug and play device that allows for direct HDMI connection to a TV that automatically loads the information for easy display.

Other Equipment - Trackers, Transformers, BAS, more

Our customers needs vary depending on the different project types they work with - Cachelan's speciality is connecting devices of different protocols and rolling that data into your one SolarVu portal, so you can see all important information all in one place.

  • Duel axis and Single Axis Tracker Systems
  • Transformers and other electrical equipment that is communicatable
  • Building Automation Systems, HVAC, Automatic Transfer Switches, Relays, Alarm Systems and more.
  • If there is a communication protocol on the device, we can integrate it.

Need more?

Do you have specific LDC SCADA requirements? Have specific interconnection requirements related to data reporting, forecasting, or export control? Check out how we help larger projects get connected while providing both required and high impact usability to stakeholders.