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Flexible options make WebFilm suitable for a wide range of personal and professional uses at low cost. WebFilm requires no special skills or additional software.

Family Photos Show off your photos in full screen slideshow mode for maximum impact. Use a password to ensure an album with personal pictures is seen only by invited guests.

Reunions Relive old memories with friends by scanning old photo prints and creating an online album from them. Attendees can keep their own personal souvenir album.

Events Share pictures from social or corporate events with large groups without filling up their email in-boxes. Mix video clips from your picture phone with candid photos and let visitors download originals for making prints of their favourites.

Scrapbook Add journal entries to photos to make a digital scrapbook or scan the paper version to share with others.

Classifieds Increase the effectiveness of a low cost text ad by including a link to pictures with explanatory text to help sell your items quickly. Use the WebFilm status counters to track how many visitors responded to the ad.

Contractors Decorators, contractors and service providers who do custom work can create albums highlighting their recent projects targeting specific client needs as an aid to closing new sales.

Portfolio Show off your current work or collection of available items with an accompanying description. Create visitor cards to hand out at commercial events to attract return visits. A feedback link is available for receiving inquiries.

Damage Reports: Traffic accidents, shipping problems, and injuries happen all the time. WebFilm allows you to take a picture of the situation and get it on-line. Visitors can then view the album and be up-to-date on the situation.

Variable Content Businesses that have continuously changing products like surplus dealers can post a link to a static webpage and continuously update the inventory being displayed with photos and comments that they can maintain themselves.

Presentations Screen capture slides from a presentation and access them from a client?s computer to save having to bring a computer when travelling. Embed a weblink in individual image captions to expand available content.

Troubleshooting Screen capture error message screens, add comments and email to technical support which often does not accept email attachments, to assist with difficult problem diagnosis.

Collaboration For project teams in diverse locations, post captioned images for discussion. Share the WebFilm access code to allow each team member to add images and comments to the shared album. Also ideal for sharing everyone's photos from an event.

Teachers Reduce handouts and lost assignments by placing homework material in an album for students to access from a home or school computer. A single Cachelan WebFilm can be frequently updated and will last for a complete term.

Students For project assignments, export slides from your presentation software and upload to create a WebFilm net presentation. Submit an online version for marking, presenting in the classroom and making handouts available. Reuse a single WebFilm for an entire term.

Pro Photographers Add a watermark to prevent unauthorized prints. Increase sales though greater exposure while reducing the cost of printing proofs. Create an album of stills to promote video DVD/VCR tape sales. Buy WebFilm as needed for multiple projects.

File Sharing Transfer any type of file that is too big for email such as presentations, multimedia and PDF documents.

Display full screen images, create a digital scrapbook, a website or sell using an online catalog.

Transfer files too large for email like presentations, videos and music

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